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25 Jan 2010 - 16:25
15 Jan 2010 - 18:53

hola amigo! hungry?

This blog is dedicated to athletes, sporty people and mere mortals who are interested in eating well.  Tasty and healthy have a date every day at Casa Hungry Burro, and our objective is to demonstrate how you can incorporate flavorful, interesting, and healthy foods in your daily routine.  Yes, it takes some planning to cook at home.  But you can pull together something delicious and nutritious at home in the same amount of time, for half the cost, and more than double the value than eating out. 

Athletes concerned with their dietary needs often compromise taste for nutritional efficiency. This is a needless sacrifice that has caused many to view food solely as fuel, rather than as a moment to share in community the flavorful bounty each season can bring to our table.

Flavor and nutritional value are absolutely compatible and accesible to everyone.  Visit this blog regularly to get inspired with and meet others that share your interest in tasty, healthy, environmentally sustainable food and living.  I'll write about what we eat on any given day and share our recipes. You'll find a fair amount of inventive Mexican fusion, superfoods gone tasty, and other tricks we learn as we traipse around the world.  We try to eat seasonally, locally, and sustainably without getting nutty about it.

Please comment to your heart's content-- I love hearing about what worked or didn't, how you made it your own, and will do my best to reply if you need some further info.


What's a Hungry Burro?

Burro is spanish for Donkey. Or my Husband (aka El Burrito, see below).

It's pronounced [boo-rroh].  

I love burros, with their beautiful sweet eyes and peaceful temperament.  A Hungry Burro is a Sporty Gourmand, one with a strong awareness for health and tastebuds that just won't chill out.  A Hungry Burro has all the traits of an athlete: strength, intuition, determination.  It also has the traits of a gourmand: insatiable curiosity for new and delicious foods and a preference for pure unprocessed meals.  Folklore has maligned the burro, painting them as stubborn and dumb (indeed in Spanish, a translation of dumb is burro).  But in fact, a burro simply has different reactions under stress.  For example, whereas a horse might panic in fright, the burro is more likely to buckle down and study its surroundings before acting. This type of behavior is second nature to successful athletes. The Hungry Burro is also environmentally conscious, interested in a balanced sustainable lifestyle.

Who am I?

Pao with enormous Kraski figI'm Paola (rhymes with "hola").   I am originally from Mexico, though I have spent most of my life living abroad.  Currently I say I live in Manhattan, West Chelsea, but really we're nomads.  I love food and think about it an inordinate amount, but I am a total amateur.  I've had no training unless you include a cooking class I took one summer in Mexico City when I was about twelve, a half-day Thai cooking class during our honeymoon, and more importantly the countless hours at my grandmother's side in the kitchen and on the couch talking about food.   All that is certain is that I love experimenting and delight in cooking for others.  





Meet El Burrito

El Burrito is my husband, a food loving athlete, who I try to feed with love and care. He is a former rugby player, skier and now a full-on marathoner.  He's one of those that used to view food as simply fuel and whose life and fitness has been radically altered by a more holistic approach to eating.  When planning our menu, I take into account his nutritional needs from a training perspective and incorporate those goals into our daily meals.

How's life at Casa Hungry Burro?

We live a healthy life: exercise and eating well are an important part of every day.  We eat a solid breakfast every morning (sometimes simple, sometimes not).  Our schedule allows us to have our largest meal of the day at lunch time. Unless we have plans with friends, our dinners are usually small and eaten at the kitchen counter.  We love treats and snacks; let's just say that Hungry Burro's sweet tooth reins supreme.  Rather than depriving ourselves we make every bite count.  We don't really use processed foods in our kitchen-- every now and then a can of chipotles in adobo might get opened, but otherwise we try to eat what nature wants to give us.  We also travel a lot, so our fitness routine is intense but low-key, taking place mostly on the streets.