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Archive for October 2009

roasted bell pepper soup

Tuesday, 13 Oct 2009 | recipe inside

I haven't been cooking much these past couple of months.  We've been traveling like true burros, and my access to and time for a romance with my kitchen has been frustratingly limited. Our days are still filled with tasty healthy eats, but usually meals we can throw together on the fly requiring more assembly than roasting or simmering. All this to say, I haven't been able to blog much and it's stressing me out.   And it's all a kind of karmic circle because cooking is my ultimate stress reliever. I chop away my anxiety, transporting my mind to the corners of the world spicing up my creation, a sort of rhythmic hypnosis sets in and by the time I'm done cooking, the stress has been annihilated and my appetite's back.

So, it was high time for a trip to the farmer's market for more than fruit to tote around town.  One of our favorites is this roasted bell pepper soup and luck of lucks, the fall has brought in paprikas galore!   It's simple and simply delicious-- and good for you too! Bell peppers are bursting with vitamin C, the milk provides some lean protein and calcium, which combined with the copious garlic and it's immunity boosting properties, this soup will help ward off any sniffles brought on by the change in season.